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Vote For Your Favourites: You Decide Which Cumbernauld Community Projects Win Up To £1,000 Funding

Cardowan Community Meadow is asking for your vote. Respondents are invited to select the three proposals they believe to be most worthy of being funded.

Citizens of Greater Cumbernauld are being asked once again to help decide which local community projects receive small grant funding through participating in an online Community Voting Survey made live today.


Residents are being given advice on practical steps to prevent rats and mice around their homes. 

We are contacting residents in areas affected by rats with an information leaflet explaining how to deter vermin from properties and gardens. Information is also available on our web site, including a video. 

We have also been cutting back vegetation and removing rubbish in communities ahead of the winter months

Residents are encouraged to follow this advice as their action, combined with the work being carried out by the council, is the most effective way to deal with the issue.” 


The Right Care Right Place campaign aims to raise

awareness of the range of healthcare services available,

and help people access the care that is most appropriate for their medical and health needs.

Pizza & Prosecco Poster - Final.png
Stepps Les Marches

Stepps and District Community Council would like to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Friends of Les Marches Twinning Association for attending our last meeting and providing us all with a fantastic presentation about the work you do.


Les Marches is a French village near the Alps and it has been twinned with Stepps for 25 years.


The group was created in 1995 and visits occur every 18 months or so. They are currently looking at plans for the next visit from French residents to Stepps in September 2022.   Friends of Les Marches are always seeking new members, particularly families with young children, to support the group and go on future trips.


This is an excellent opportunity to learn and experience another culture and we highly recommend it. For anyone interested, please get in touch with the Association President Malcolm Close via email:

Have Your Say! Upgrade of Play Area at Dunalastair Drive, Steppshill, Millerston


North Lanarkshire Council is planning to upgrade the play area at Dunalistair Drive, Millerston.  The proposal is to create a unique play space devised by local people, particularly young people, that would include a variety of play equipment and play opportunities.

NLC is keen to seek your views so please complete the short survey.

The survey will close on Wednesday 27th October 2021.

If you require further information regarding this development, you can email  or call 07800 912886.



Road Closure Order - Loch Road, Stepps

Temporary road restriction order, on behalf of Taylor Wimpey West Scotland, for Loch Road, Stepps


The restriction is required for the reconstruction of Loch Road.


The restriction will be in operation from 23/08/2021 to 01/04/2022.


Please note, this is a draft version of the closure order, a copy of the formal advert will be forwarded nearer the works commencement date.

Click here for Information


New large capacity litter bins are being installed across North Lanarkshire to help keep communities clean.


The 240 and 360 litre bins have already been installed in country parks, with installation starting in towns and villages in the north area this summer. The installation programme will then move across the council area and be complete by the end of the financial year.


New bins will be installed near public roads and in the busiest                                                                       areas in towns and villages. They will be emptied routinely on a                                                                   three-weekly, or higher frequency depending on the location, by                                                                  the council’s bin lorries, as part of their regular routes.


All types of litter, including bagged dog waste, can be placed in the large bins.


Although smaller bins, which often overflow and need emptied more often,                                                will be removed on a phased programme, there will be a 400% increase                                                      in litter bin capacity across North Lanarkshire.


“Keeping local streets clean is a key priority for our residents, and these                                                     new larger litter bins will provide much more capacity and allow us to deliver                                             a more efficient cleansing service,” said Councillor Michael McPake, Convener of the Environment and Transportation Committee.


“The initiative is also more environmentally friendly as the new bins will use fewer plastic bags, and we will cut the amount of fuel used by our fleet and, as result, reduce emissions.


“As we install the new bins, we monitor their use to ensure they’re in the most appropriate locations and, if needed, move them to best meet the needs of each community.


“Our parks and greenspaces have been very well used throughout the covid pandemic and will be an important resource for families during the school holidays. I would appeal to all residents to play their part in keeping our parks and streets clean – please bin your litter or take it home.”


The bin replacement programme is also part of the council’s RecoverNL plans to help the area return to normal as covid restrictions continue to ease.


S&DCC has produced a Heritage Trail leaflet for a walk round 29 points of historic interest in Stepps and Cardowan.

Copies of the trail are available from the Stepps Co-op,

Stepps Pharmacy and Grooms of Glasgow, dog groomers, Cumbernauld Road.

Additional information on the sites can be found on the Gallery Tab.

Northern Corridor Heritage Project

Interested in local heritage?   Want to find out more?  

 To become involved in the project please contact the

Project Lead  Caitlin Baker 

 Email       Mobile 07861980217


   You can also contribute via the Facebook page 


To gather interest in the project, a Google form has been set up on the Facebook page and you are invited to complete this.  

Looking forward to hearing from YOU soon.

NHS Lanarkshire COVID -19 Vaccination Super Centres

Click PDF

Funding Success

Cardowan Community Meadow

is delighted to have been chosen as one of the Co-op causes.


Scotland Loves Local Funding Success

Stepps & District Community Council was successful in a funding bid from the Scotland Loves Local campaign. This is a Scottish Government-funded grant to improve towns and promote them as better places to live. The funding awarded to the Community Council (as well as 200 other community groups across Scotland) is attached to specific criteria based on projects proposed within the approved application form. 

As part of this approved application form, the Community Council will be delivering a range of measures that will enhance community engagement, environmental campaigns and historical interest within Stepps and the surrounding area. This will encompass: 

  • The purchase of a ‘Zoom’ account for use by Stepps & District Community Council, to expand the reach and digital access to community events, discussion forums and information by all local residents. This ensures that, during these unprecedented times, the community council stays connected with the wider community and is able to carry out its function as a statutory body.

  • The publication of articles in Stepps on the Level to highlight pertinent local and community matters and Community Council updates. This aims to boost community spirit and cohesion and increase awareness of local initiatives and success stories. 

  • The purchase of banners to highlight the Community Council and Save Stepps Greenbelt campaign. This will encourage and motivate community cohesion and increased local collaboration in a vitally important local environmental protection campaign. This growth of awareness and engagement will, in turn, allow for better connected and safer communities. 

  • The utilisation of local knowledge to establish historical storytelling initiatives, such as community exhibitions and the installation of plaques and signage to promote and preserve the antiquity of the area. This will allow local improvements to be made by highlighting the historical significance of local buildings and places and, in turn, increase community knowledge and encourage interest and pride in the local community. 

 Fulton MacGregor MSP Supports Save Stepps Greenbelt

Save Stepps Greenbelt Sub-Committee contacted Fulton MacGregor MSP in relation to the proposed planning application at Gateside/Hornshill. We thank him for his letter of representation submitted on our behalf.  

You can view his representation below:

 Steven Bonnar MP Supports Save Stepps Greenbelt

Save Stepps Greenbelt Sub-Committee contacted Steven Bonnar MP in relation to the proposed planning application at Gateside/Hornshill. We are very grateful for his efforts in supporting and representing the Stepps Community.

You can view his correspondence below:

Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) for the site 

at Gateside/ Hornshill


Cala and Barratt have submitted a new Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) for the site at Gateside/ Hornshill.


20/01359/MSC - Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions 1 and 4 of Planning Permission in Principle ref 16/01271/PPP - Residential Development. | Land To The North Of Cumbernauld Road And East Of Hornshill Farm Road Stepps North Lanarkshire


Comments/objections must be lodged with North Lanarkshire Council by 2 December 2020. These may be made online or by email to

To look at this Planning Application:

Save Stepps Greenbelt Campaign Committee

Stepps green belt.JPG

20/01211/PPP Residential Development and Associated Infrastructure and Landscaping (In Principle) / Site to South of Dorlin Road, Cardowan, Stepps, North Lanarkshire. 
A Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) has been lodged with North Lanarkshire Council by Miller Homes Limited c/o Holder Planning Ltd for a residential development on a greenbelt site to the south of Dorlin Road, Cardowan, Stepps. 

To look at this Planning Application:


Speeding on Lenzie Brae Update

In light of recent speed checks and concerns by local residents, SDCC once again urged North Lanarkshire Council to consider traffic calming measures at the Lenzie Brae.

See below the response from the NLC Roads Team:

"The Council receives a significant number of requests for measures aimed at alleviating perceived road safety issues. To ensure that intervention measures are provided at the locations most in need, the Council monitors the injury and accident data provided by Police Scotland and identifies priority sites for further investigation where five or more injury accidents have occurred over a five year period. A review of the accident stats indicates that no injury accident has occurred at this location in the last five years. The Council therefore will not be targeting its limited resources at this location to install traffic calming measures at this time."

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