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The Scottish Government is currently having a National Discussion regarding the future of Scottish

Education.  They are keen to seek views of anyone with an interest in this topic, with a particular focus on parents, carers and children.                                                                                                                     The closing date for views is 5th December.  Further details can be found here:


To aid the parental and carers discussion Connect and National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) are hosting a joint online forum on 9th November.  Anyone interested can book a place via this link:


The National Discussion in running in tandem with the Hayward Review that focuses on assessment and qualifications.

*** New National Qualifications to be Developed ***

The Hayward Review

The Scottish Government is reviewing Scottish qualifications and how young people are assessed ( 

The views and experiences of parents are being sought by the Scottish Government and two national parent organisations are looking to work directly with parents to seek their views (Connect (  and National Parent Forum Scotland - ).

Stepps PS December 2021 Update

Stepps PS October 2021 Update

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Stepps PS August 2021 Update

Stepps PS June 2021 Update

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Stepps PS May 2021Update

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Stepps PS Parent Council : April 2021 Update

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Stepps PS Modular Units April 2021

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Stepps PS April 2021Update

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Stepps PS February/March 2021 Update

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January 2021 Update

The community council is fully committed in its support regarding the two matters Stepps Primary School is currently facing , namely, major remedial drainage works and an ongoing overcapacity issue.


The remedial drainage works are to address the drainage issues beneath the school building and it appears an option has been agreed between the North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) and Transform Schools North Lanarkshire (TSNL). 

The Greek Theatre has been demolished and preparatory works carried out for the installation of modular units to provide additional teaching space. In addition, new parking restrictions are in operation. At this stage the strategy remains to relocate the library and community facilities to premises at 7 Buchanan Gate. No further update on this at present.

The overcapacity issue was raised in 2018. Since then the community council has made many representations to NLC on this issue. To date NLC has been intransigent in providing a response.

Stepps Primary School and Stepps Cultural Centre



The recommendations of this Report will affect ALL campus users.

The Community Council would like to hear from other groups and individuals unable to use the campus facilities over the past year.

Please contact the secretary email at



The Community Council has engaged with Cllr Lynne Anderson and the representative of Stepps Parent Council and has met with North Lanarkshire Council officials.


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