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Stepps Library and Cultural Centre

The heart of the community


*** NLC APRIL 2024 UPDATE ***

The planned repurposing works to reinstate daytime access to community spaces at Stepps Primary has finished.

Building Control are still required to sign off on the works in the community hall and multi-purpose rooms before they can be occupied.   The contractor is working through some snagging issues to allow this to happen.  The letting team will be notified as and when these spaces are available.


The library space has now been signed off by building control and will very shortly be handed over to Library Services.  There will now be a period of time whereby, Library Services and the Council’s incumbent contractors will work together to get the space ready to be occupied.


NLC will continue to communicate updates of these works with the next update being provided at the end of April 2024.

Changes to Stepps Library and Cultural Centre

Committee Report and Amendment:  Education and Families Committee, 23 February 2021

NLC has dropped its plan to provide our community with a Library at Buchanan Gate.

The above Report states that ALL spaces (including meeting rooms and library) inside the campus building will be permanently allocated for the sole use of Stepps Primary School and Nursery.

There will be no library provision for our community within the building during the remedial works. During this time NLC is looking to provide a mobile library van and online services to replace our library. 


NLC proposes to house a library in a modular unit

when the remedial works are complete.

However, it should be noted that,

in the future and if required, the library unit

will be requisitioned for educational use.

Stepps library and meeting rooms are a vital and highly-utilised resource at the heart of this community. The benefits these facilities bring to all generations, in terms of community cohesion, education, lifelong learning and health and wellbeing cannot be quantified.


The requisitioning of these facilities for Education space (due to the remedial drainage works) and their temporary relocation away from the campus at Stepps Cultural Centre is a significant loss across all generations of the community. Currently, Stepps community remains unaware of the practical outcomes arising from the displacement.

The community council is seeking from NLC a written assurance and timescales of the repatriation of the facilities to Stepps Cultural Centre when the works are complete.


Planning application 20/00530/FUL proposes the temporary relocation of the community library to 7 Buchanan Gate for a two-year period. The community council has commented on this planning application.


Office accommodation at 7 Buchanan Gate, Stepps

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