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Save Stepps Greenbelt

A Stepps & District Community Council Sub-Committee

Where protecting greenbelt is paramount...

A campaign to protect the greenbelt for generations to come

Save Stepps Greenbelt is campaigning to challenge the multiple speculative planning applications on land surrounding Stepps. These applications are for large-scale residential developments on land designated as greenbelt and are contrary to NLC Local Plan.

The campaign committee comprises members of Stepps and District Community Council and residents of Stepps. The committee has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of this matter and to make representations on behalf of Stepps community.

The committee monitors the NLC Planning Portal and The Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) website and keeps the local community up-to-date on planning matters at council meetings, via door-drop leaflets and social media. Residents are encouraged to visit NLC Planning Portal to view and comment on planning applications. The committee has submitted various informed objections to these speculative applications.

In addition, it is involved in lobbying officials and making representation to Kevin Stewart, The Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning; Steven Bonnar MP; Fulton MacGregor MSP; Ward 5 Councillors and liaises with North Lanarkshire Council Planning.

The committee achieved a recent success In May 2019 when it made representation at a Hearing held at the Civic Centre, Motherwell. This was in relation to the planning application for the site at Gateside/Hornshill Farm.  As a result, the applicant’s proposal was not approved by the planning committee. The applicant then submitted an appeal to the DPEA which was dismissed by the Reporter.

In April 2020 the committee submitted a representation to the Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework 4. This provided detailed information concerning the current planning situation in Stepps. The response has been published online by the Scottish Government. Use the following link and find it under 'Organisations-Responses'

Get Involved!

If you are interested  in the work of the campaign committee and want to find out more contact us or follow our Save Stepps Greenbelt Facebook page!

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